How does Cold Crib Communications work?

  1. We provide you with a Cold Crib phone number that is local to the inmate’s facility. This number is set up to ring to your personal home or cell phone.
  2. The inmate adds the number to their call list if their facility requires this.
  3. You add the number to your prepaid account with the jail’s phone provider (Vconnect, Evercom, GlobalTeLink, Securus, etc.)
  4. Simply answer the phone when the inmate calls you and start saving!

THAT'S IT! The rest is handled by our professional telecommunications staff.

There are no special codes the inmate has to dial in. NO beeps when the call is linked.  As far as the facility is concerned it is no different than the hundreds of phone numbers they authorize in their system on a daily basis.

Go ahead; try us and watch the savings! Please see our Frequently Asked Questions for any additional questions you might have.

PLEASE NOTE: What you pay us DOES NOT go towards what you pay the jail’s phone provider. We are two separate systems. You are only paying us for the OUTSIDE local number. The actual call MUST still go through the jail’s phone provider.

We simply maximize your savings by making the call from the inmate LOCAL instead of long distance. While there is no way to avoid using the jail’s phone provider, we help minimize the amount you pay to them by providing you with your Cold Crib local number.