What is an Cold Crib Communications Number?

Answer: Cold Crib Communications has developed unique technology to allow you to have a "local" (to the prison) phone line that rings wherever you live!! This means with Cold Crib Communications, the inmate will be calling a "local" number to reach you, your home, or office instead of dialing "long distance" at overly inflated rates. That way the savings stay in your inmates commissary account.

How does Cold Crib Communications save me money?

A. Our service reduces the existing costs of receiving calls from prison and jails. It works with the phone systems, but makes them cheaper because we provide you a local phone number based on the prison / jails location allowing your inmate to call you at your home or cell number

Why does my inmate need a Cold Crib Communications Number?

A. By using a Cold Crib Communications to call home, inmates will be saving a tremendous amount of money by eliminating the high costs of "long distance"

Why do I need a local phone number to the prison?

A. To save you money on your calls. Direct dialed calls and pre-paid accounts are all based on how far the inmate is calling on a phone call. By using one of our local phone numbers, the distance is reduced to as short as possible to the prison. Saving you money on each call.

If an inmate uses a Cold Crib Communications Number will it violate the prison rules or polices?

A. Of course not. Our infrastructure uses the same phone lines as any other phone call. When calls are made through our system, all the prison security systems will still be in place. Your calls can still be monitored by them and you can still deny or accept any call, any time. All prison rules and regulations are still in effect.

How much will I save with an Cold Crib Communications Number?

A. Your saving will vary. Since most of these calls will still need a pre-paid account with the phone provider associated with the jail, it will depend on what they discount for local calls versus long distance calls. We have found that these savings are typically 35-90% on each call

What are the benefits of the Cold Crib Communications Number for the inmate?

A. Basically, the amount of money the inmate pays per minute to talk to you is greatly reduced! For example: If an inmate currently spends $50 a month on phone time, their phone costs instantly become much less, but they still get to talk the same amount of time, or even more time now that their phone cost is so much cheaper! This means that the inmate gets to keep more money in their commissary account

Can I use a Cold Crib Communications number with my current home phone? Cell phone? Office phone?

A. Yes you can! Cold Crib Communicationscan use any active phone you currently have: home phone, cell phone, office phone, any active phone! You do not have to buy a new phone nor any hardware to have a Prisoner Connect number, so the savings start with the very first call!

I purchased a cell phone with a local number to the prison and my inmate was still charged long distance rates. How does Cold Crib Communications guarantee local calling rates with the Bureau of Prisons?

A. In our testing we found that the BOP has very strict rules governing what is a local call and what is not. Having the same area code is not good enough for local rates. In fact, we found that the BOP does not even follow the “rules” for local calls used by most phone companies. We verify each and every number to ensure that our lines are charged local rates to each prison.

Can I add additional Cold Crib Communications numbers?

A. Yes you can! You can have as many Prisoner Connect numbers as you want! You can have a Cold Crib Communications number for every active phone you own if that's your choice! Every call to a Cold Crib Communications number an inmate makes is a local call for them, but each Cold Crib Communications Line rings at up to TWO of your chosen phones. Multiple Cold Crib Communications numbers may be controlled and charged to a single Cold Crib Communicationsaccount, allowing the inmate the savings for all the important calls they make. For example: a spouse gets three Cold Crib Communications numbers for an inmate: one for her, one for his parents, and one for his brother. Each Cold Crib Communications number is assigned a separate local number and all three are then controlled by the one account!

Why is there a monthly fee for the Cold Crib number even if my inmate doesn't make any phone calls that month?

A. For each Cold Crib Communications number, there is an actual local phone number near the inmates prison. Every phone number has some monthly origination charges and taxes. This monthly charge for each Prisoner Connect number is part of our cost in providing the service to you

How much do I save if my inmate is in a Federal prison?

A. The Bureau of Prisons charges 23¢ a minute for all direct dialed non-local calls. Local calls, such as our numbers, are only charged 6¢ a minute. So if your inmate is calling for their entire 500 minutes each month, the costs for the calls will directly drop from $69 to only $19 using our services.

If the number you issue to me is rejected by the jail, Do I get my money back?

A. Unfortunately No. We are not connected to the jail in anyway and we provide a service of forwarding calls to your specified phone(s) and regardless the service is provided. You are required to know the correctional facilities rules and policies before ordering service from us.We have heard stories that the jails contracted phone provider is telling customers false statements that it is criminal and fraud to have a local number being forwarded but that is 100% false. Ask them under what penal code is that? Its basically the greedy multimillion dollar PRIVATE company that pays the jails and sheriffs kickbacks to monopolize on this franchise and to furthur overcharge the families of the incarcerated. It is in your best judgement to get your number approved the best way you can to avoid them shutting you down when you just want to save money.(Your not the one in jail and is not breaking any laws) If you purchased the Number Reject Insurance: Number Reject Insurance (optional) - $9.00 USD One Time Sometimes the facilities contracted phone company could reject the local number issued to you. This Insurance will cover your cost in the event the facility rejects your number. You will be entitled to a refund of your calling plan costs minus the Set-Up activation fee and Insurance fee You MUST contact us within 24 hrs after number is issued to redeem claim. It is void after that time.

What if my home phone service and/or home number changes? Can I have an established Cold Crib Communications number changed to ring on my new phone?

A. Yes! Any one phone can be connected to each Cold Crib number.

I do not live in the United States. Will a Cold Crib number help my inmate save money with calls to other countries?

A. Of course! It may help you more than someone who lives in the US! Most prisons charge a huge amount to make long distance calls to other countries. Cold Crib Communications is dedicated to providing cost savings to all our clients!

If my inmate uses your services, will it violate the prison rules or policies?

Certainly not. The principle is the same as any other phone call. When calls are made using our services, all the prison security systems will still be in place. Your calls can still be monitored by them, and you can still deny or accept any call, any time. All prison rules and regulations are still in effect.

So I still have to pay the jails phone provider and you too?

A. Yes, we are separate from the jails contracted phone provider, You must still keep a balance on the inmates calling account through the jail or the inmate to make any type of call. We have no control over the charges the jail imposes for a inmate to call out. We just provide a local number near the jail to reduce the costs of the call for you and the inmate!

Does Cold Crib Communications work with fedaral and state prisons?

A. Yes it does. It was designed to work with any phone system which will give a price break for local versus long distance calls. If the prison requires collect calls it will be necessary to setup a pre-paid account with the prison phone provider, but we have found that in most cases you will still receive a large discount from those providers because now your inmate is using a local phone number to call you!

Why must you know where my inmate is located?

A. This is a very important question. To properly issue your number number that will save as much money as possible, it is vital that we know the correct location for each inmate. Our service works by making sure that each inmate is dialing a local call to their particular prison. The only way to be sure of this is to have an accurate location for them

I still dont understand this process too well. Can you exlain this whole thing to me better?

Yes This is basically like a home phone with a certain amount of minutes. all included in the price. We are not connected to the jails phone system. We provide a virtual local number close to the facility the inmate is housed. The inmate calls the number (as a local call) eliminating all long distance charges and it is instantly forwarded to your destination phone (cell/home/work) anywhere in the USA saving you from outrageous long distance charges You still have to have a prepaid account with the facility for the inmate to have outgoing call service. Plain and simple we make all the calls a local call saving you from long distance charges This will not work for collect calls You MUST still have a prepay account (Global Tel Link,secureTech,Vconnect, ect ect) with the jails phone provider to call out to our numbers for us to forward the calls to your destination phone(s) If the inmate does not have money on their call account the phone call will not connect You do not have to make any changes to your current phone situation We are not connected to any jail phone systems . This is a outside number that the inmate calls to be transferred to you Our minutes are used to transfer calls to your phone as we eat the long distance charges for you and your only charged locally by the jails phone provider Our numbers are guaranteed to ring your phone when dialed (You are expected to test the number yourself to see if it is activated first before giving it to the inmate) We are not responsible if the jails provider does not allow you to use any number we provide. After a number is activated and issued to you, they are non-refundable Yes the minutes are rollover but you must use them within 60 days or you lose them AGAIN YOU MUST STILL KEEP THE CONTRACTED PHONE PROVIDER TO THE JAIL FOR THE INMATE TO CALL OUT TO OUR LOCAL NUMBERS WE ARE NOT CONNECTED TO THE FACILITY. THIS IS TO PROVIDE A LOCAL NUMBER THAT IS IN THE AREA OF THE JAIL FOR ALL CALLS TO BE CHARGED AS A LOCAL CALL FOR THE INMATE SAVING YOU MONEY BY US EATING THE LONG DISTANCE CHARGES FOR YOU